Assistant Director (Data Analysis)

US Government, Legislative Branch

The Forensic Audits and Investigative Service (FAIS) team is a specialized unit within GAO that is staffed by forensic auditors and analysts, information technology experts, and criminal investigators. FAIS employs data analytics to identify potential areas of fraud, waste, and abuse, and provide Congress with high-quality forensic audits and investigations that show the effect of inefficient or inadequate controls.


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Job Grade: 3
Total Openings: 1


The incumbent in this position serves as an Assistant Director that will lead the uses of data analytics, data mining, and data matching to identify potential areas of fraud, waste, and abuse; show the effect of inefficient or inadequate controls; and demonstrate how data analytics can be employed as part of a program’s fraud risk management. The Assistant Director will also lead efforts to enhance the data analytic capacities and capabilities of FAIS staff, both at Headquarters and field offices as appropriate.
Duties of a Band III Assistant Director (Data Analysis) include but are not limited to the following: Proactively leads the coordination with data analysts, staffing managers, Assistant Directors, and Directors of multiple concurrent projects through each phase of the engagement process using project management best practices, engagement management practices, and quality assurance framework; Reviews data analysis plans to ensure they are linked to the engagement’s researchable questions and describes key data elements to be analyzed, selection criteria used, and potential analysis to be presented in the final product; Provides subject matter expert advice to engagement teams on the scope of data analysis, how data should be collected, and analytic software to support engagement objectives, design, data collection and analysis, message development, and report writing; Advises and/or assists data analysts and engagement teams in selecting and implementing appropriate data analysis methodologies for engagements in accordance with GAO standards, e.g., Engagement Assistance Guide for Leading Engagements (EAGLE), Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS), and professional data analysis standards; Takes the lead role in training staff to ensure an understanding of programing code in SAS, Stata, or R and other software packages to perform primary data analysis to identify fraud on a variety of platforms, including Windows and mainframe; Contributes to primary data collection and analysis by apply sound analytical concepts and methods to develop a thorough knowledge of relevant data sources and files and interpret data to determine patterns and trends; Reviews electronic data testing to assess accuracy and reliability of the data and verifies program done by others to assure integrity of these databases; Identifies deficiencies in problem statements, proposed approaches, and/or data access issues which are significant to the design, development, execution, and reporting out of data analytics; Coordinates activities to design, develop, implement, and maintain custom databases of varying size and complexity to compile data for analysis. This includes working with large data sets from agencies; Offers technical assistance to internal and external stakeholders, speaks at conferences, and develops publication materials to further visibility of the data analytics within GAO; Participates in forums, conferences, seminars, and panels as an expert speaker to articulate technical methodologies as well as oversight considerations; Supports MD and Directors in developing, defining, and driving GAO strategy with regard to the exploration and deployment of advanced analytics techniques to identify fraud, waste, and abuse


Band III
Must be a full-time or part-time GAO employee on a permanent appointment. In addition, applicants must have at least one year (52 weeks) of specialized experience, equivalent to at least the next lower band level (PE-IIB, PA-II, PT-III, or MS-I), that demonstrates substantive knowledge of GAO’s programs and activities, its mission, policies, objectives, management principles and processes; and the ability to manage staff, and independently analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of administrative services and staff resources. The 52 weeks of specialized experience described above must be completed by April 24, 2022, the effective date of promotion.

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