Criminalist III-Forensic Biology Administrative Lead*

US Government, Sheriff/Coroner

The Sheriff’s Department is accepting applications for a Criminalist III-Forensic Biology Administrative Lead* who will assist the Unit Supervisor in the administration of the Forensic Biology Unit.  Duties may include consulting with personnel from various law enforcement agencies, assisting with supervisory functions such as case management, compilation of statistics, manual reviews, and grant management, and, as necessary, completing PCR-STR casework.
*Official Job Title: Criminalist III For more detailed information, refer to the Criminalist III job description.

1) Applicants must not have been convicted of a felony.  Prior to appointment, candidates will be fingerprinted and must pass a background investigation and a medical examination, which includes a drug test.
Incumbents may be required to work, or to be on call for work, on weekends, holidays, evenings, and nights. On-call employees must be able to report for duty within one hour after being paged.
3) Incumbents conducting investigations in the field must be able to climb up and down embankments and hike over rough terrain.
Travel throughout the county is required; employees may be required to make provision for transportation. At the time of hire, a valid California Class C driver license and proof of automobile liability insurance must be produced for the individual providing the transportation.
5) Must successfully complete FBI Auditor Training within one year of appointment, or be terminated.
Job Overview