Environmental Compliance Specialist- Opened until filled

US Government, Department of Development Support & Environmental Management

The purpose of this position is to review, approve, inspect, and enforce permits and site plan approvals based on compliance with the County’s Environmental Management Act (EMA). The position is also responsible for investigating and enforcing activities involving alleged violations of the EMA. In addition, the position provides environmental/technical information and education to the regulated community, affected agencies and the public.
NOTE:    The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.  The Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ) reflects a more detailed description of the position.  Neither the job description nor the JDQ constitutes an employment agreement.  Both are subject to change as the needs of the County and requirements of the job change.
Reviews  environmental aspects of building permit applications. Work includes, but is not limited to, performing permit review to ensure compliance with requirements of the EMA and other regulations. Researches technical references such as aerial photos, flood data maps, flood certifications, subdivision plats, parcel and zoning maps, environmental permitting conditions, geographical information systems (GIS), and technical reference manuals.  Conducts site analyses for EMA compliance reviews. Reviews pertinent technical manuals and protocol guides.  Assumes the role for intra- and inter-agency coordination and cooperation to aid in communication, productivity, and customer service.

Conducts compliance inspections.  Performs on-site, code related inspections to determine if regulated projects comply with applicable standards and takes appropriate enforcement action if necessary.  Applies appropriate inspection and enforcement procedures, when necessary, as specified by adopted policy and ordinance.  Proactively manages case load to maximize compliance and to meet statutorily mandated timeframes.  Educates the regulated public on current requirements and/or pending regulatory changes to maximize compliance. Performs thorough research on regulated sites by reviewing approved plans and site files prior to conducting the required on-site inspections. Prescribes guidance on alternatives to regulate property owners to allow them to choose the most cost effective and efficient remedies to maintain compliance.

Performs research and administrative activities. Researches technical references, such as aerial photos, flood data maps, flood certifications, subdivision plats, parcel and zoning maps, environmental permitting conditions, GIS, and technical reference manuals related to existing or proposed developments. Performs title searches, other agency code references and County archival code searches.  Drafts correspondence, including Notices of Violation, Stop Work Orders, Notices of Noncompliance and Compliance, Hearing Notices, staff reports, pre-construction conference and final inspection reports/documentation. Creates and maintains assigned caseload, utilizing database and spreadsheet software, and the County’s permit tracking database.  Completes inspection reports for all inspections, enters inspection activity into the County’s permit tracking database, and maintains inspection files. Participates in training, continuing education and professional development activities.

Provides public assistance and customer service. Provides documentation and site information relating to environmental and code compliance issues to geologists, engineers, realtors, and bankers regarding real property as a prelude to property sale or development and for Phase I and II environmental audits. Provides information, assistance, and interpretation to citizens on code, stormwater/drainage, tree, and landscape. Performs Service Advisory duties including service advisor rotation, responding to, and assisting walk-in customers in the research, interpretation, information gathering, or generally directing them to the appropriate resource or agency.   Responds to complaints or concerns regarding off-site environmental impacts and environmental regulations.  

Performs code enforcement activities. Performs research for enforcement purposes and uses acceptable enforcement procedures in obtaining, handling, or processing evidence or other materials for court, administrative hearings, or Code Enforcement Board (CEB) proceedings. Follows established procedures to ensure legal notification to alleged violators is compliant with adopted procedures.  Prepares code-required documentation and staff reports to present cases to the CEB for disposition and provides expert testimony regarding evidence when requested by the CEB.  Communicates and coordinates with violators after adjudication in order to guide them toward compliance.  Performs follow-up and compliance inspections to ensure that enforcement conditions are being met.  Prescribes corrective and/or remedial actions in cases of non-compliance, including providing recommendations regarding punitive damages.
Performs other miscellaneous related tasks and duties as assigned by supervisor.
Decisions focus on day-to-day activities within the County. Decisions made at this level help to ensure that daily activities proceed smoothly and therefore help to move the County toward reaching a strategic goal. They have short-term consequences and focus on permits, plans review, and public interaction.
Supervision Received
Assignments are made in terms of broad practice, precedents, policies, and goals. Work may be reviewed for fulfillment of program objectives and conformance with departmental policy and practice. Employee must be highly autonomous. 

Supervision of Others



Employee has regular contact with people within and outside the organization concerning permitting and code related items.


Personal/laptop computer; MS Office, specialized software such as Accela, GIS apps, Leon County applications as necessary, and operation of a car and/or light truck.


Employee works mainly outdoors while standing with exposure to adverse weather conditions. Physical demands include standing, walking, sitting for extended periods of time, lifting/carrying/pushing/pulling in excess of 20 pounds.


Knowledge of stormwater management, wildlife, geology, biology, chemistry, geography, ecology, forestry, landscaping, and plant identification. Knowledge of construction and land development, surveying techniques, engineering principles, the Florida Building Code, the County’s Zoning Code, County permitting processes and State and Federal codes and laws regarding resource protection of occupational safety, and the County’s GIS software. Knowledge of code enforcement principles and practices, including collecting forensic evidence, and the ability to read site plans and contour maps and remote sensing data. Excellent public relations and negotiating skills. Ability to prepare and give speaking presentations. Ability to communicate clearly, verbally and in writing. Ability to work with representatives of public and private agencies. Analytical skills for evaluating sites for conformance with the code for reviewing permits and mitigation/restoration plans.  Ability to interpret codes, policies and procedures and apply in the field through site analysis to make decisions within specified limits within specified limits while utilizing appropriate judgment.  Ability to appear as an expert witness in court cases and hearings.  Ability to write technical reports and prepare cases for litigation with input from the County Attorney. Ability to utilize computers for data storage and retrieval, and for drafting correspondence.  Knowledge of soil/water sampling and testing procedures. Ability to interpret aerial photography. Ability to use stereoscope, planimeter, and builders’ level.


Requires graduation from an accredited four year college or university with a bachelor’s degree in one of the Natural Sciences, Geography, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Urban Planning, Engineering, Construction, or a related field, and three years of related work experience; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. 

Necessary Special Requirements:

Must possess a valid State of Florida Class “E” Operator’s License and have a favorable driving record.  

Selection Guidelines:

Formal application, rating of education and experience; oral interview and reference check, and drug testing.

FLSA STATUS:   Non-Exempt. Work include, but is not limited to, performing permit reviews, conducting code inspections and enforcement activities.

Revision History: October 1, 1997; December 10, 1999; January 19, 2001; May 22, 2007; June 13, 2007; July 21, 2016; May 17, 2022.

Job Overview