Forensic Evidence Technician

US Government, Institute of Forensic Sciences

Duties & Responsibilities  

  • Receive and release evidence from and to law enforcement and criminal justice system agencies using the approved protocols to preserve chain of custody

  • Receive evidence from the drop-box.

  • Receive evidence from the morgue and release the evidence to the proper agencies

  • Log receipt of morgue evidence into an Access database.

  • Log receipt of evidence samples from law enforcement agencies into JusticeTrax LIMS database and produce a case number and case folder.

  • Distribute evidence to the various forensic laboratory sections for testing and analysis, maintaining proper seals and chain of custody.

  • Assist in ensuring the laboratory remains in compliance with the ASCLDLAB accreditation guidelines

  • Follows rigorously all Safety, Method Manual, and Quality Assurance / Quality Control protocols.

  • Occasionally may be indirectly exposed to biological samples and unpleasant odors.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Evidence Intake Director or Crime Laboratory Director.

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 This position is subject to a criminal history check. Only relevant convictions will be considered and, even when considered, may not automatically disqualify the candidate.

Job Overview