Forensic Pathologist Level I/II

US Government, Coroner

In addition to the posted salary, Forensic Pathologists certified in Neuropathology, Pediatric Pathology or other recognized specialties, shall receive Premium Pay in the amount of 10% of their base salary.  

Forensic Pathologists assigned Standby shifts receive 12.5% of their base salary for each hour assigned.
To learn more about this incredible opportunity, please click on the below link to view the full recruitment brochure:  

Forensic Pathologist Level I/II Recruitment Brochure 

How to Apply
If you are interested in pursuing this exceptional career opportunity, please send your curriculum vitae and letter of interest to:
Dr. Jason Tovar, Chief Forensic Pathologist 


 The recruitment will be open until filled.
The County of Sacramento is An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Overview