Registered Nurse (O-3 Billet) Non-Supervisory

US Government, Department of Homeland Security

This position is located within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), ICE Health Service Corps (IHSC), Office of Deputy Assistant Director of Clinical Services. This is a non-supervisory position. Period of Eligibility: Submitted applications will expire after 3 months. Applicants are eligible to reapply after the period of eligibility ends.


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Job Grade: 3
Total Openings:


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Provides direct nursing care to detainees with knowledge of nursing care principles, practices, and procedures. Provides nursing procedures as ordered following Lippincott Procedure Manual after completed IHSC Registered Nurse (RN) competency documentation on annual basis. Additionally, follows and remains current on all applicable IHSC directive and guidelines. Documents all detainee encounters using S.O.A.P.E. format, followed by the nurse’s signature and name stamp on written documentation or by locking notes in electronic health record. Ability to assess patients’ needs and coordinate appropriate nursing care plan. Obtains medical histories on detainees; referring medical problems identified to the physician, or Advanced Practice Provider (APP) as appropriate. Demonstrates nursing triage process and screening of detainees/residents during sick call and performs functions as outlined in the approved IHSC Clinical Nursing Guidelines, refers patients to higher level of care as appropriate. Accesses interpretation and/or translation services as needed to ensure ability to communicate with detainees or others who are not proficient in the English language. Provides daily nursing care as needed in Medical Housing Units (MHU) and notifies physician, or APP of any abnormal findings. Provides care for psychiatric patients as indicated. Coordinates health care needs of detainees with healthcare team and coordinates referrals to off-site providers as required. Provides patient teaching/training in accordance with agency directives. Maintains non-involvement in the security/custody aspects of care. Assists the medical provider with medical appointments by taking the detainees vital signs, and assisting as necessary. Responds to emergency medical calls as assigned and provides emergency treatment of injury or illness to detainees as required. Performs orders authorized by the physician, APPs, or other qualified health care provider. Ensures the medical orders are implemented in a timely manner. Applies knowledge of drugs and therapeutics in administering medication. Ensures that medications prescribed are administered as ordered, using the 6 rights of medication administration. Ensures all new medication orders are reviewed before administration and acknowledged either by initials by each new order on paper medication administration records or by acknowledging in new electronic medication administration record. When medication orders are signed off, initials are placed next to the order and circled to maintain appropriate documentation. Maintains security when administering medications; maintain cognizance at all times of the potential hazard of drug hoarding and trafficking among detainees. Provide radiological services in accordance with nursing board state licensure rules; these services will be to conduct tuberculosis surveillance i.e. digital single view chest x-rays, if applicable. Draws labs as requested and collects laboratory specimens. Administers immunizations; reads and documents immunizations accordingly. Follows all IHSC Public Health, Safety, and Preparedness Unit Directives and Guides to maintain environmental health and safety, infection control, and all hazards emergency preparedness daily. Responsible for maintenance of medical equipment and quality control of laboratory reagent. Maintains medical supply stock level, may order supplies (lab and other supplies); restocking as needed. Maintains non-involvement in the security/custody aspects of care. Performs record keeping functions in accordance with program policies. May prepare statistical information, regularly scheduled reports, or special reports as necessary. Attends general/medical and Nursing Service Unit (NSU) meetings as scheduled. Must be able to work rotating shifts including holidays and weekends Performs as punctual and dependent employee for assigned shifts. Maintains clinical professional skills via continuing education opportunities. May serve at other IHSC medical facilities on temporary duty (TDY). May serve as medical escort of detainees as needed for domestic/overseas travel under direction of special operations. Demonstrates potential and willingness/ability to assume increasing levels of responsibility: May be tasked to function as Team Lead for regional projects or serves as Clinic Coordinator, if assigned. Demonstrates increasing impacts at the local/regional level, including team/unit participation. May participate in quality improvement or other team/unit reviews/activities. Nurse demonstrates they efficiently and effectively work at higher than their current grade. Engages in one or more collateral activities that contribute to the agency/PHS mission. Identifies and suggests process improvement activities at local level. *Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


COMPETENCIES: Cultural Competency. Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills. Active listening skills. Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills. Integrity/Honesty. Adult learner teaching skills. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Requires physical exertion such as lifting objects greater than 30 pounds. Must have the ability to assist sick, injured or aging detainees or staff exiting the building (may require lifting, dragging, wheeling or carrying someone who weighs significantly more than self). The work may necessitate some physical characteristics that will be required when responding to an emergency situation, such as running short distance, prolonged standing and working in an austere environment. Required to perform CPR/emergency care standing or kneeling.

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