Criminal Justice Instructor – Adjunct

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 Green River College’s student body is made up of approximately 41% Academic Transfer students, 34% Professional-Technical, 15% Adult Basic Education, 3% Applied Bachelor’s degrees. Green River College has four campuses, including the main campus in Auburn, with satellite campuses in Kent, downtown Auburn, and Enumclaw. Green River programs serve high school graduates, Running Start students (dual enrollment in local high schools and the college), those seeking retraining for the workforce, international students, students learning English, and Continuing Education students. Green River’s service areas are increasingly ethnically diverse, comprising African Americans, African immigrants, Asian Americans, Asians, Latinx, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Middle Eastern Americans, among other communities.
 Green River College is committed to enhancing and supporting a diverse campus environment, incorporating principles of equity in order to promote inclusive practices. Diversity is understood in terms of intersectional identities defined by culture, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, social class, disability, religion, veteran status, immigration status, and age. Given the diversity of our student population and service areas, we encourage applications from faculty, staff, and administrators with demonstrated experience and expertise in supporting, sustaining, and serving people from a wide range of backgrounds and collaborating effectively with othersThe College welcomes individuals to apply who have a commitment to teach at a community college and the ability to utilize a variety of methods and modes of instruction to ensure student success.  Given the diversity of our student population, we encourage applicants who can adapt instructional methods to a wide range of student backgrounds and interests.

 Green River College seeks an adjunct faculty member to teach Criminal Justice, Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science courses. We seek highly committed individuals who can bring industry experience and leadership in serving students in the Criminal Justice program. The college seeks applicants with a commitment to innovate and maintain a high-quality education program, to work with diverse communities, and to cultivate student success through teaching, coaching, and mentoring.
 Currently, instruction is both on campus and online. The program seeks to hire individuals with the ability to utilize a variety of instructional methods to deliver innovative hands-on learning experiences to a wide range of students. Candidates should bring experience and expertise that is especially suited to enhancing the success of under-represented and marginalized student populations. Candidates from diverse origins/backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.
 The college welcomes individuals to apply who are strong advocates for all areas of criminal justice from the crime scene to the lab, the courtroom and corrections with knowledge and understanding of current trends and industry practices, and a thorough understanding of current technology found in the workplace. We are looking for individuals with experience working collaboratively with people of diverse abilities, backgrounds, and perspectives with a commitment to cultural awareness and sensitivity in the workplace. Candidates should have demonstrated administrative, organizational, and interpersonal skills, who can work well with students, colleagues, and other staff in a team environment.

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