Cybersecurity Institute Adjunct Instructor

US Government, Workforce Education

Application Pool Notice

Laredo College continuously accepts applications for part-time (adjunct) instructors to create a pool of candidates for each session/semester. Applications will be reviewed and positions will be filled based on department needs. Applications received for this pool will remain active for one year. 

Position Requirements
Upon employment, candidate must reside in the state of Texas.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Provide instruction and monitor teaching/learning effectiveness in courses assigned by the Cybersecurity Institute Assistant Director, Cybersecurity Institute Director, Dean of Workforce Education, or Provost / Vice President of Academic Affairs and in which the instructor has appropriate qualifications. Use up-to-date discipline and pedagogical skills to ensure active participation and learning by students.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities  

  1. Teach Cyber Defense and Digital Forensic courses. Instructors would teach face-to-face, online, dual enrollment, or hybrid courses.
  2. Prepare and, on the first day of class, distribute the departmental syllabus which informs students in writing about course requirements as to absences, tardiness, testing, assignments, and grading policies.
  3. Inform students of their progress by promptly returning assignments, quizzes, and examinations.
  4. Compile, administer, and grade instruments that evaluate student progress.
  5. Encourage the use of the Library, the Tutoring Center, the Counseling Center and other supportive services.
  6. Counsel students and notify student or counselors of frequent absences, failures, or necessary make-up work.
  7. Meet all assigned face-to-face classes on time in the assigned classrooms and be available to students 15 minutes before class, except between classes when teaching back-to-back classes, and 15 minutes after class per day in the classroom, Adjunct office or the Tutoring Center.
  8. Be available for one hour per online class taught for office hours in the adjunct office, tutoring center, or other area as approved by the Department Chair.
  9. Use Canvas as the LMS and grade book.
  10. Follow procedures related to the Office of the Registrar, including grade reports and deadlines, attendance record reports, withdrawal deadlines, mid-semester progress reports, and the like.
  11. Follow the academic calendar and procedures as outlined in the Faculty Procedures Manual.
  12. Direct library research or other outside assignments.
  13. Promote College programs and curricula.
  14. Update syllabi at least every two years.
  15. Substitute for colleagues when necessary.
  16. Cooperate in evaluation procedures by students, Cybersecurity Institute Director, Dean of Workforce Education, and the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  17. Provide a safe environment for students and be responsible for the security of assigned equipment, materials, and classrooms.
  18. Perform other duties as assigned by the Cybersecurity Institute Director, Dean of Workforce Education, Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs or President.
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