Digital Forensic Laboratory Manager

US Government, Dept of the Secretary of State

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Are you interested in leading one of the top 100 cyber forensic ISO/ANAB accredited crime labs in the USA?  The Department of the Secretary of State of North Carolina is seeking an experienced professional to manage our nationally accredited Digital Forensics Lab.

The Secretary of State’s office promotes economic growth, financial capital formation, and protects the public from financial harm.  

New forms of business fraud, identity theft, sales of counterfeit goods, and related crimes are an increasing threat to the economic well-being of individuals and business entities.  The department’s law enforcement agents and attorneys, and participation in state and federal task force efforts are essential to protecting citizens from financial predators.  Operating under the authority of the Secretary of State, the Digital Forensic Laboratory is a crucial source of information supporting these functions in both state and federal proceedings.

The Digital Forensic Laboratory Manager performs managerial, supervisory, administrative and advanced professional work directing the team responsible for the examination and analysis of digital forensic evidence.  As a working manager, this employee will plan, direct, review, and evaluate the work of other Forensic Scientists, research and develop new methodologies, approve procedural changes, and review all reports for accuracy, content, and compliance with laboratory standards.  The employee will personally perform some of the more complex or advanced casework.

Work activities include conducting consultations, participating in pretrial proceedings with prosecutors and defense attorneys, providing guidance to law enforcement officers in the collection and preservation of evidence, and testifying in court or at hearings as a technical expert.  The incumbent will support staff growth and program outreach through development and operation of formal classroom instruction, demonstrations, and laboratory tours.  

The Lab Manager will prioritize requested crime scene investigations and will ensure compliance with strict chain of custody rules based upon guidelines from relevant laws, regulations, and departmental objectives and mission statements.

This position requires experience using digital forensics hardware and software and in developing operating procedures and policies in support of improvement and ongoing accreditation of the lab.  The incumbent will set up and facilitate annual reaccreditation assessments as required by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB)  

Job Duties:
The primary purpose of the Digital Forensics Lab Manager is to accept, find, and preserve digital data and artifacts and to provide scientific forensic analysis of evidence for use by the criminal justice community.  This includes managing/performing in-lab analyses, technical field assistance, and providing expert witness testimony in forensic analysis of digital equipment and/or surveillance video related to a crime scene.  The Lab Manager will directly supervise one or more Forensic Scientists in support of these activities.

Specific activities may include:

  • Identification of evidence of computer-based crimes including fraud, theft, and sabotage of data 
  • Recovery of deleted data
  • Thorough examination of electronic devices and data storage media using physical disassembly, forensic hardware, and software tools
  • Preservation and duplication of original media
  • Accessing password-protected and secured files
  • Examination of system firmware, boot record data, system configuration, and operation command files
  • Examination and evaluation of digital and analog video recording and storage media
  • Examination and analysis of text, graphics, multimedia, digital images, etc.
  • Labeling of evidence and enforcement of chain of custody rules
  • Preparation and presentation of reports and findings in court or other venues
  • Working with court officers and internal staff to prepare evidence for trial
  • Providing expert opinion testimony in court
  • Training and instruction of other employees
  • Providing advice and guidance regarding seizure and handling of digital evidence
  • Organizing annual Management Review assessments with relevant personnel and preparing a report of findings in accordance with ISO standards
  • Assembling/coordinating an audit team and performing internal audits of the laboratory, including personnel, and reporting findings in accordance with ISO standards
  • Other duties as assigned by the Secretary of State’s executive team

This non-sworn position is subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act and is subject to mandatory overtime and serving in an on-call capacity.  The Forensic Lab manager shall be required to obtain individual certification consistent with international and ISO standards within 18 months of the date they become eligible to seek said certification.

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