DNA Analyst

US Government, Colorado Springs Police Department

There are two open positions for DNA Analyst.  One position is funded by the general fund and one is funded by a grant.  The grant funded position is expected to be funded through September 2024.


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DNA Analyst
In this position, you will conduct forensic examinations on evidence submitted to the Metro Crime Lab for the purposes of recognition, identification, documentation, and scientific collection of the physical evidence pertaining to the investigation of a criminal act. In addition, perform all aspects of forensic DNA laboratory casework on evidentiary materials, including evaluation and preparation of evidence, DNA typing, interpretation of analytical results, preparation of case reports, and expert testimony. This position is assigned to the Colorado Springs Metro Crime Laboratory, which is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited lab.

Essential Job Functions– the basic job duties an employee must be able to perform:

  • Examines evidence items to identify, preserve, collect, and photograph samples for analysis
  • Perform presumptive and confirmatory testing on samples from a variety of evidence types related to various criminal cases.
  • Collects trace evidence
  • Perform forensic DNA analysis from DNA extraction, quantification, and PCR setup, through analysis using specialized analytical instrumentation to develop DNA profiles.
  • Interprets the scientific data gathered and prepares meaningful reports in a manner to be presented to a judge and jury in a court of law.
  • Prepares detailed reports and documentation for investigative use and court proceedings
  • Documents, handles, packages, and receives evidence to maintain chain of custody in accordance with forensic practices under state and federal laws
  • Conduct technical reviews of serological and DNA analysis done by other qualified analysts.
  • Provide expert testimony in federal, state, and local court proceedings on actual results of serology and DNA testing conducted.
  • Perform other duties by discussing cases and functions of the lab with officers, detectives, and attorneys.
  • Instructs others in forensics, DNA evidence collections and provides training seminars
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships
  • Interacts effectively with others, to include other analysts in the DNA Unit as well as the laboratory
  • May perform duties as a local CODIS administrator

We are looking for candidates who demonstrate:

  • Extensive knowledge of modern forensic equipment and procedures
  • Extensive knowledge of the workflow of a forensic crime lab
  • Considerable knowledge of criminal law, criminal court proceedings and rules of evidence
  • Knowledge of DNA QAS documents and ISO 17025:2017 standards
  • Knowledge and use of the CODIS database systems
  • Knowledge of DNA statistical calculations
  • Knowledge of computers and commonly used software programs
  • Ability to give professional expert testimony in courts of law
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with superiors, coworkers, and other law enforcement/judicial personnel
  • Ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written English, to include public speaking
  • Ability to apply sound reasoning and decision making
  • Ability to interact in a professional manner with all staff
  • Ability to get along with others
  • Strong analytical and communication skills
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