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 The working title of this classification was updated on 7.27.22

In addition to performance-based merit increases, this position is scheduled to receive salary range increases on the following dates: 

 Effective June 28, 2024 – 4.25% increase
 Effective June 27, 2025 – 4.00% increase

  Salary may be negotiable within the range listed above, based on position requirements and successful candidate’s qualifications, subject to appropriate authorization.

  This recruitment is open to the public and is being held to establish an open eligible list to fill current and future Emergency Radio Coordinator (Communications Coordinator II) vacancies within the Sheriff-Coroner Department.  This recruitment may also be used to fill position in similar and/or lower level classifications.  

Applications will be accepted on Thursday, March 21, 2024 on a continuous basis until the needs of the department are met and may close as early as 11:59 p.m. (PST), on Wednesday, March 27, 2024.



The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is among the largest in the nation, providing exemplary law enforcement services focused on a collaborative, dedicated and innovative approach to public safety.

The more than 3,800 sworn and professional staff, along with more than 800 reserve personnel, are committed to serving the needs of Orange County by embodying the Sheriff’s Department core values:

  • Integrity without Compromise
  • Service Before Self
  • Professionalism in the Performance of Duty
  • Vigilance in Safeguarding our Community

The Department consists of six organizational Commands comprised of 23 Divisions. Together, these Commands and Divisions provide services including land, air and sea-based patrol, custody operations, investigative services, emergency management, coroner services, forensics and specialty operations, among an extensive list of other public safety services.

Control One is an integral part of the Emergency Communications Bureau and is the only county-wide interoperable communications center in California. In fact, Control One is the central point of contact for mutual aid and interoperable communications between all law enforcement, fire, public works, and lifeguard agencies in addition to state and federal agencies in Orange County using dedicated radio, landline, microwave, and satellite communications systems.
Personnel are responsible for providing criminal justice database information, warrants, family court orders, weapon registration, and driver’s license checks for all law enforcement agencies via the Purple radio channel.  

The Paramedic Desk (OCC) utilizes radio and the ReddiNet/HEAR system to determine hospital availability for mass casualty incidents and day-to-day patient intake for fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) partners.  

Red Channel is responsible for coordinating both emergency and non-emergency county-wide radio traffic and broadcasts is a unique radio channel exclusive to all Orange County law enforcement agencies.   

Control One is the central point-of-contact off alert notifications for Orange County.
Under general supervision, Emergency Radio Coordinator (Communications Coordinators II) operates radio communications consoles at the 24-hour Sheriff’s Communication Center, as well as other tasks as required.
Incumbents coordinate radio communications for public safety activities in Orange County. This includes communications involving the field activities of city police, communications between paramedic teams and hospitals, and other general County government activities.
Law Enforcement communications and paramedic communications are coordinated at different radio consoles. All consoles require a great degree of independence, multitasking, and verbal communication skills.  
Example of Duties:
Incumbents will use the OCATS system to connect to the statewide CLETS and nationwide NLETS and NCIC criminal justice databases to run vehicles, subjects, and property.
Such information may include:

  • Driver license records
  • Warrant checks
  • Stolen property
  • Firearms

The Emergency Radio Coordinator (Communications Coordinator II) will monitor and coordinate over various mutual aid radio channels. Such channels include:

  • Purple Talk group
  • Red (Emergency) Talk group
  • CALAW8
  • TAN Call Talk group
  • Other public works, law enforcement, fire, and hospital channels considering location and other factors. 
    • Using the Orange County EMS ReddiNet/HEAR Systems
    • Coordinate and broadcast “SIGALERT” traffic advisories
    • Amber Alerts Emergency and  general broadcasts vehicle pursuits and tracking systems
    • Assist in contacting various county, state, and federal agencies, after regular business hours and on weekends
    • Broadcast emergency alerts via the AlertOC platform, including Wireless Emergency Alerts and Emergency Alert System Broadcasts

here to learn more about the minimum qualifications and example of duties for the Emergency Radio Coordinator (Communications Coordinator II) position.
General knowledge of:

  • The citiesfreeways, highways, main streets, major buildings, and geography of Orange County and neighboring counties

  • The techniques, procedures, and methods used in the operations of a public safety communications center
  • The kinds of information obtainable from local, state, and national criminal justice databases

Ability to:

  • Operate a variety of communications equipment including multiple channel radio consoles, handheld radios, and computers
  • React quickly, efficiently, and calmly in an emergency situation and to adopt an effective course of action in a high stress environment
  • Follow written and oral instructions, learn and apply applicable rules, regulations, and procedures 
  • Speak clearly and distinctly in English
  • Prepare records and perform simple typing
  • Use a County-Approved means of transportation


  • Experience or training as an emergency communications operator, dispatcher or similar position
  • Experience in the use of computers and various software programs
  • Comfortable broadcasting over radio 
  • Able to multi-task in demanding environment while maintaining composure 
  • Be available for mandatory shifts per the needs of the department 


No significant hearing impairment in either ear.

License: Possession of a valid California Driver’s License, Class C or higher is required by date of appointment.
Applicants must not have been convicted of a felony or be on any form of probation and must pass an extensive background investigation to the satisfaction of the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner.
Background screening includes completing of a Personal History Form, interview with a background investigator, fingerprinting and may include a polygraph test. Some of the areas considered in the background screening include prior convictions, traffic violations, drug use and credit problems, employment history, professional references and education verification (i.e. degree, license, or official transcripts). Foreign degrees require an evaluation of U.S. equivalency by an agency that is a member of the National Association of Credential Services (N.A.C.E.S).

The County of Orange is committed to providing a means for applicants who may have a disability to identify areas in which they may request a reasonable accommodation. The following is a description of the physical and mental abilities that are customarily required to perform the essential job functions of this position. Applicants are encouraged to contact the recruiter listed for any questions or request an accommodation during the testing/selection process.
Physical Requirements: Incumbents must have vision sufficient to read standard text, fine print, various handwritings and view a computer monitor; no significant hearing impairment in either ear, speak and hear well enough to communicate clearly and understandably in person and over the phone; independent body mobility sufficient to sit, stoop, bend and stand routinely to perform daily tasks; ability to sit for prolonged periods of time; manual dexterity to use hands, arms and shoulders repetitively to operate a keyboard and use other office equipment.
Environmental Conditions: Incumbents must have the ability to work in a confined office environment with changing priorities, deadlines and multiple assignments concurrently; deal with emotional and/or hostile public on a daily basis and remain calm at the same time; and work rotating shifts, weekends and holidays.
Human Resources | Minimum Qualifications The Orange County Sheriff’s Human Resources screens all applications to identify the most qualified candidates for the position based on the skills required to meet the needs of the Department. After the initial screening, the qualified candidates will be referred to the next step and notified of all further procedures applicable to their status in the competition.
Applications must emphasize all the areas in which the applicant has expertise and accomplishments in the specific competencies related to the position, as applications will be screened to identify the most qualified candidates.
Interactive Computer 90-minute Exam (Referred/Non-Referred):The exam consists of job-related questions. This is a standardized exam and there are no study guides available. Candidates need a passing score on this examination in order to continue in the selection process. Only the most successful candidates will be referred to the next step. The exam will include the following:

  • Decision Making
  • Data Entry
  • Call Summarization
  • Cross Referencing
  • Memory Recall-Numeric
  • Prioritizing
  • Map Reading
  • Spelling

Oral Interview (Weighted 100%): Candidates will be interviewed and rated by a panel of job knowledge experts. Each candidate’s rating will be based on responses to a series of structured questions designed to elicit the candidates’ qualifications for the job. Only the most successful candidates will be placed on the eligible list.
 Based on the Department’s needs, the selection procedures listed above may be modified. All candidates will be notified of any changes in the selection procedures.
After all procedures have been completed, the Sheriff’s Human Resources will establish an eligible list of qualified candidates. Candidates placed on the eligible list may be referred to a selection interview to be considered for present and future vacancies.

As part of the selection interview candidates will be referred to a Sit-Along. Candidates will have the opportunity to observe Emergency Radio Coordinators (Communications Coordinator II) as they perform their duties at the Purple Channel, Red Channel, and Paramedic consoles.      

Veterans Employment Preference Policy (VEPP) 
The County is committed to providing a mechanism to give preferential consideration in the employment process to veterans and their eligible spouses and will provide eligible participants the opportunity to receive interviews in the selection process for employment and paid internship openings. Please click 
here to review the policy.

Only on-line applications will be accepted. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of on-line applications. Application information must be current, succinct and related to the requirements in this job announcement. Your application should demonstrate your professional experience and education related to the specific qualifications/duties listed in this bulletin, including the areas in which you have developed expertise. Please print a copy of your confirmation page for your records.
Click here for tips to complete your application.
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Click here for additional Frequently Asked Questions.
QUESTIONS: For specific information pertaining to this recruitment, please contact Eugenia Vasquez-Puentes at 714-834-5838 or mvasquez-puentes@OCSheriff.gov. For other recruitment information, please contact Sheriff Recruiting at 714-834-5811.

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