Forensic Scientist II

US Government, Weld County Sheriff's Office

The Forensic Scientist II is a civilian employee of the Weld County Sheriff’s Office who functions as a scientist performing complex analyses on physical evidence in criminal cases submitted to the forensic laboratory in the scientific discipline of forensic biology. Incumbents interpret analytical results, prepare written opinion reports, and testify as experts in courts of law. Complex analysis involves casework where applied research, method modification, or a unique approach may be necessary; or a single definite conclusion is not possible, and a weighted conclusion is warranted; or casework requiring the reconstruction of an event or series of events based on the interpretation of physical evidence.

$41.64 – $52.74 per hour plus benefits (see benefits tab on the job posting). This position will normally start at $41.64 an hour.

As an applicant for this position, you should be aware of Senate Bill 19-085, the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. The act requires employers to announce the pay range for job openings. This range encompasses the nine pay steps available should you receive the position and demonstrate satisfactory performance over time.

This position is non-exempt from the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Job Overview

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