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Central Regional Hospital 

***Per G.S. 126-5(c1) (37), this position is Exempt from all provisions of NC General Statute Chapter 126 (State Human Resources Act) with the exception of Articles 6 and 7.***  

If you are looking for a exciting career in Nursing, work as part of a multidisciplinary team and want to impact lives, consider the Licensed Practical Nurse opportunities at Central Regional Hospital in Butner, NC. 

We are currently recruiting for multiple Licensed Practical Nurses at Central Regional Hospital.   The LPN is responsible for the administration of medication and ordered treatments; data collection for nursing care; monitoring, observing and performing direct patient care as needed for coverage.   The LPN will report and document  patient’s response to medications, treatment and ordered care.   Collaboration and delegation of tasks under the licensure of a Registered Nurse. 

These are full-time positions and eligible for the full State benefits package. Flexibility in work schedule is required to meet hospital needs. These positions are designated Mandatory and must report or stay over during adverse weather.  Pay is competitive and will be determined based on  equity, budget, and market considerations.  

Available shifts:  
7:00am-3:30pm with alternating weekends/holidays as scheduled.
3:00pm-11:30pm with alternating weekends/holidays as scheduled

Description of Units:

Adult Acute Unit (AAU) – Focus on Wellness not on Illness:
 AAU serves patients ages 18-64 presenting with multiple diagnoses including primary psychiatric as well as substance abuse and medical diagnoses. The goal of AAU is stabilization so patients can return to living in the community as independently as possible.
AAU provides admission, treatment, and discharge services to patients admitted to the hospital from first admission up to repeated times with multiple diagnoses including medical problems and substance abuse. Many have a history of abuse and involvement in the legal system.  Two most common diagnoses on AAU are Major depression and Schizophrenia. The majority of these patients will be taking psychiatric medications. The goal of AAU is stabilization of mental and physical health so they can return to living in the community and live as independently as possible.

Child/Adolescent Unit (CAU)
The Child/Adolescent Unit evaluates and treats children ages 5 to 17 using the philosophy that children do well if they can. All programs within the Child/Adolescent Services provide comprehensive medical, psychiatric, psychological, social and educational services. Special attention is paid to evaluation and planning with the child’s family or guardian and other community resources.

CAU has two divisions:

Children’s Services: Children’s Services provide intensive inpatient treatment and emergency diagnostic and treatment services for children between the ages of 5 and 11 years old. It includes a comprehensive educational program. Patients are admitted from the entire State.

Adolescent Services: The Adolescent Services provide intensive evaluation and treatment for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 years old on an emergency and short-term basis. It includes a comprehensive education program and serves the Central Region of the State. 

Community Transition Unit (CTU)
The mission of the Community Transition Unit is to provide state-of–the-art assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for patients with severe, chronic or treatment-resistant psychiatric illnesses. These patients require more comprehensive and extended services to return to the community with a reduced risk of relapse and readmission. Treatment efforts are aimed at reducing and managing symptoms while strengthening the practical skills needed to return to community living.
The CTU does not accept direct admissions. Patients are accepted for transfer from an adult acute services where short-term intervention has proved inadequate to allow the person to be safely or effectively served in a less restrictive setting in the community.

Forensic Services Unit (FSU)

The Forensic Services Unit  is a three sectional unit serving the Pretrial/Maximum, Medium and Minimum security needs of the court-ordered patients.   FSU provides services for all counties in the entire State of North Carolina. 

Pretrial Evaluation Admissions (PTA) consists of 8 beds and admits males and female, 18 years of age and older.   Criminal defendants undergo evaluations of their capacity to proceed, criminal responsibility, and other questions as ordered by the court.  Serves a limited number of defendants who require more intensive observation services due to being at high risk, medically complicated, or requiring more intensive observation.   

Forensic Maximum Security Unit consists of 22 male adult  beds (18 years of age and older).  All have court orders for admission to the unit and will work through varying levels of restrictions.  Security consists of internal and external measure to deter elopement. 

Forensic Medium Security Unit consists of 24 beds (18 years of age and older) including female Pretrial beds.  All have court orders for admission (those requiring continuing stay and treatment).  All will work through varying levels of restrictions and privileges. 

Forensic Minimum Security Unit consists of 30 beds (18 years of age and older) and is a coed area. All will work through varying levels of privileges; referrals occurring through Forensic Medium.  Many patients have opportunity for off campus work, trips and outings. 

Geriatric Services Unit (GSU)
Geriatric Services Unit  which admits patients 65 years old and older. The unit serves two broadly defined populations. The first is non-demented patients in the geriatric age range with any general psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or delusional disorder. The second population consists of patients with various types of dementia who have behavioral disturbance related either to the dementia or a co-occurring pre-existing psychiatric disorder, and that behavior disturbance has made them temporarily unmanageable at home or in a community care facility.
GSU offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of patients with acute psychiatric illnesses. Individuals with dementia receive comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and they receive a functional assessment to determine the level of support and structure that they will need in the community.

 About Central Regional Hospital (CRH):  CRH is a State-of-the Art psychiatric hospital located in Butner, NC. Our location is ideal with four seasons, mild temperatures and provides an easy commute to the N.C. mountains or beaches. Butner possesses small town charm but is within 30 minutes of a major metropolitan area including Research Triangle Park, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham, NC. The people we serve are at the heart of our facility. Our team is critical to the mission of the hospital. We strive to create an environment in which every team member contributes to the overall success of the hospital to positively impact the lives of those around them and the individuals we serve.

About the Department of Health and Human Services: The NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) serves the needs of the most vulnerable of North Carolinians and in order to accomplish this, we hire only the most dedicated and caring individuals. Finding qualified clinical professionals to treat and care for our clients is a continual challenge as demand for services grows and the availability of providers struggles to keep pace. We are seeking a motivated individual who is up for this challenge and is dedicated to our mission of providing North Carolinians with the very best in clinical care.

Compensation and Benefits: The state of North Carolina offers excellent comprehensive benefits. Employees can participate in health insurance options, standard and supplemental retirement plans, and the NCFlex program (numerous high-quality, low-cost benefits on a pre-tax basis). Employees also receive paid vacation, sick, and community service leave. In addition, paid parental leave is available to eligible employees. Visit website for State Benefits. 

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