Lieutenant – Investigative Services/Pee Dee

US Government, State Law Enforcement Division (SLED)

General Responsibility
Serve as a Lieutenant in the Pee Dee Region. Supervise day to day SLED field operations and performs other investigative and administrative related duties as assigned by the Captain. Report directly to the Captain of the Pee Dee Region.

Specific Duties

  • Supervision of Criminal Investigations: Coordinate daily investigative activities and case file preparation by subordinates to ensure investigations and case work
    (Investigative reports, interviews, supporting documents, etc.) are evaluated, analyzed, completed, reviewed, corrected, and approved in a timely manner. Ensure thoroughness, accuracy, and timely submittal of investigations. Ensure agents prepare cases for presentation to grand juries and courts in coordination with solicitor’s offices. Respond to officer-involved shootings, critical incidents, or high profile scenes, as appropriate. Conduct investigations or performs other assignments as directed by the Captain.
  • Perform Administrative Tasks and Reports Information: Ensure compliance with the Division’s Policy and Procedures and Directives. Identify and take appropriate
    action in regard to work production issues and policy violations. Participate in a monthly case review to ensure investigations are being done appropriately and in a timely manner. Maintain personnel and business records necessary for the operation of the regional office. Ensure evidence is stored and disposed of properly. Review and approve subordinates’ working time in SCEIS, in a timely manner.
  • Professional Working Relationship with Partner Agencies = Establish, facilitate, and maintain professional working relationships with Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Coroners,
    Solicitors, and other local/state/federal law enforcement partners. Ensures subordinates maintain contact with partners to provide good customer service. Provide periodic investigative progress updates to law enforcement partners. Attend appropriate meetings and/or community functions where relationships can be developed and maintained.
  • Special Assignments and other SLED Functions: Assist, as needed, with planning and administrative functions for special assignments. Support the Captain with Incident
    Command System procedures and liaisons with other units in the event of an incident. Participate in SLED mandatory training and other optional training opportunities.
    Assist other agents within the SLED Pee Dee Region, or other SLED Program areas, when needed.
  • Conduct Performance Evaluations and Employee Development: Conduct meaningful and quality performance reviews on subordinates within the specified time period.
    Ensure personnel are trained, mentored, and motivated. Provide praise and constructive criticism, as needed, to foster the professional development of regional agents. Recruit agents for the the Regional Office when vacancies occur and participate in selection process.
Job Overview

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